Secondary Symptoms #1

Tin Foil Hats Prevent Covid

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Tin Foil Hats Stop Covid

We never planned for this. Cited was going to just make documentaries for you this season, but then the whole world changed. So, we had to change too.

For at least the next two months, we'll be releasing a weekly news-magazine style show about the COVID-19 pandemic. We're calling it Secondary Symptoms.

In medicine, secondary symptoms (sometimes called 'secondary complications') are symptoms that might arise from the disease, but are not directly of the disease. These secondary symptoms can often be potentially worse than the disease itself.

We'll be talking about the secondary symptoms of COVID-19. Not so much the disease itself, and what it does to one's respiratory tract; rather, what other things COVID-19-19 is doing to all of us--what it is doing to our politics, our economy, and our social fabric.

On this episode, we continue the theme of Cited's first documentary, "the Science Wars." The secondary symptoms of today's episode are: misinformation, distrust, and conspiratorial thinking.



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