Freelance Opportunity

Chase Producer & Marketing Lead

Cited Media is looking for a part time chase producer and marketing assistant on a three month contract to support our new podcast, Darts and Letters.

This role can be done virtually, and will be between 2-3 days per work, depending on the availability of the applicant. This person will play a key role in shaping the editorial direction and development of the program. The ideal candidate will be somebody with strong experience in audio producing and reporting, and with some experience in marketing, web, and social media. However, depending on the interest and the number of qualified applicants, this position may be split in two—one focussing on marketing, the other on chase producing.

We are looking to fill the role ASAP. Please apply by Monday, December 7th, 2020 to ensure that your application is considered. We may extend that window if it is too short notice, but no guarantees.

About Darts and Letters

Darts and Letters is a just-launched weekly podcast that looks at intellectuals and the work that they do. We describe it as a podcast “for people who love ideas, but hate snob culture.” Its aim is to highlight, celebrate, diversify, and critique intellectualism. This includes speaking with high-profile scholars, as well as activists, creators, and even so-called ‘regular working people.’ We are looking to democratize education and expertise, and strongly resist technocratic claims of elite authority and exclusivity. Interested applicants should listen to the first couple episodes to ensure that they clearly understand and align with the mandate of the program.

About Cited Media

Cited Media is an award-winning podcast production company based in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Ontario. Our two flagship programs are Crackdown and Cited Podcast. We primarily tell stories about the politics of science, expertise, and public health. Our most well-known podcast is Crackdown, a documentary series about the drug war covered by drug users as war correspondents. Crackdown has won major national and international radio awards, including from the Third Coast festival and from the Sydney Hillman Foundation. The AV Club called our program “the podcast most likely to save lives,” and CANADALAND has called it “the best new podcast in Canada." We also make Cited Podcast, a series about the politics of research, which has been honoured nationally at various Canadian journalism awards, as well as labelled one of “Canada’s Podcast All Stars” by the CBC.

Job Responsibilities

Chase Producing & Reporting

The chief responsibility of this role is to chase produce at least three guests per week for the program. The guests will be selected in consultation with a team of researchers and scholars, but our chase producer will necessarily play a major role in this process. They will:

  • Pre-interview potential guests and exercise editorial judgement about which is most appropriate.
  • Ensure a diversity of guests – from different race, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Organize scheduling and recording logistics.
  • Broaden and democratize the guest list by identify unique experts or intellectuals that would not be typical guests for these types of shows, e.g. bartenders, barbers, nurses, etc.

Web & Marketing Support

The secondary responsibility of this role will be to manage the entire web presence of the show. Including:

  • Creating show pages
  • Podcasting the files
  • Managing the Twitter feed, and other social media channels
  • Creating multimedia for social media (basic show art, audiograms, and other things)
  • Pitching Darts and Letters to other potential distribution partners for syndication or marketing interviews.
  • Advising the production team on potential story ideas that would have wide reach, while still aligning with the editorial mandate.
  • Finally, exhibiting leadership by proposing and executing other marketing plans.


  • Reporting Qualifications
    • Strong chase reporting experience an absolute necessity, preferably somebody who has worked in radio news or other outlets where timely booking is key.
    • Strong writing and communication skills a necessity.
    • Some reporting experience a strong asset.
    • A basic understanding of audio files, formats, equipment, and technical details a strong asset.
    • An interest and values alignment with Darts and Letters a strong asset. Preference will be given to people aware of and participating in intellectual life, whatever that means to you—tell us!


  • Marketing Qualifications
    • A basic understanding of social media dynamics, tools, and platforms a necessity.
    • A basic understanding of podcast platforms, analytics, and tools a necessity.
    • Ideas and experiences in marketing, branding, audience acquisition, and listener engagement a strong asset.
    • Preference will be given to candidates who have experience, familiarity, and understanding with the relevant podcasting eco-systems, especially (but not exclusively) the burgeoning area of left-leaning intellectual and political podcasts.


  • Other qualifications:
    • Preference will be given to candidates who have both reporting and marketing qualifications. However, if you have strong reporting qualifications but weak marketing qualifications (or vise versa), we still encourage you to apply. Depending on the number of qualified applicants, we may split this role into two.
    • This role will be entirely virtual, though – all things being equal -- preference will be given to people who live in either Toronto, Ontario or Vancouver, BC. Eventually, we hope for this role to include some in-person work on Darts and Letters, and potentially other Cited Media projects.
    • No particular educational titles or degrees required, but applicants should be comfortable meaningfully engaging with research and scholarly ideas.

Remuneration and Term

  • This is a short-term, three-month contract that will run from December (ASAP) to March 1st. The role will be between 2-3 days per week of work.
  • Pay will be a competitive hourly rate, negotiated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the experience of the candidate.

Note: This short-term contract covering for a CMP staff member on sick leave. There is no guarantee of employment beyond the three month term. However, depending on the strength of the candidate and the growth of the program, we may be interested in extending the term and perhaps even expanding the role to include other Cited Media projects. Our aim is always to develop freelancers into long-term contributors and eventually staff members.

Application Instructions

  • Please send a cover letter and resume to Gordon Katic,
  • Additionally, please provide links to samples of audio programs (radio or podcasting) that you have played a role in producing. Ideally, that you have chase produced for.

This is a two-stage application process. We will create a short-list of qualified applicants and then ask them follow up questions, and from that short list we will create a shorter list of interviewees.  You should expect to hear from us very shortly, and we are looking to fill the role ASAP. Please apply by Monday, December 7th, 2020 to ensure that your application is considered.